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Hi Folks

Welcome to the Official Tony Scott Website.

It only seems like yesterday when I started this site after many requests, but I have now been in cyberspace for over seven years. Wow! The Russians couldn’t keep anyone up that long.

I would like to sincerely thank all the many people who have helped keep the web site alive, with photos and jokes, keep sending them in.

I love to see you all at my shows, but due to time constrains between shows at different venues I don’t always have time to spend with the many people who come to see me over and over again. I hope you understand.

If you could not get my DVD at a particular venue it can be bought on-line via my agent on a secure web site, links can be found throughout this site.

The site receives hundreds of emails a week, many addressed to myself, unfortunately I cannot reply to them because of the sheer volume, however my webmaster puts them on the site and I promise I read them all including all the jokes you send in.

Please enjoy your visit to my site, I look forward to seeing you personally at one of my shows in sunny Benidorm, Spain.

Thanks for clicking by....


The Stardust
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